08 Nisan 2015


Merhaba sevgili takipçilerim...

Geçtiğimiz günlerde ilk Türk günü organizasyonumuzu gerçekleçtirdik... Bundan mütevellid ülkemiz adına oldukça sürurlu  vede guruluyuz... Bendeniz ve ekip arkadaşlarımın  güzel bir iş çıkarttığını düşünüyorum...

Birbirinden enfes tariflerimizle damaklarda lezzet akıllarda güzel anılarak bırakarak ayrıldık...

Sizlerle o gün anısına birkaç fotoğraf paylaşıyorum...


Türk günü organizasyonumuza teşekkür mesaji...Dostlar istedi bizde paylaştık... 😘😘😘
Hi Sukran,
You are truly amazing! You did an excellent job planning and coordinating with your friends to give us an exciting and very enjoyable day learning about your wonderful country and eating the delicious foods that were prepared and cooked by you and your lovely friends! Thank you so much, Sukran!
I loved working with you. You are a very organized and thoughtful person and you answered my questions and kept on top of the planning for this special day. You included many interesting aspects of your country and decorated the table beautifully with the Turkish flags, the signs attractively identifying the food on the table, the confetti and American flags on the table and then preparing many delicious foods for us to eat and enjoy. All of your friends also made many tasty and yummy foods for us to enjoy. Thank you, Sukran!
Thank you for the beautiful silver rose basket you gave me! I love it and will always remember your kindness and friendship when I use and display it!
Thank you for arranging to show us the interesting video of your country, its tourism, tea, the making of baklava, the demonstation of the paper marbling techniques, and the Turkish Stars! Thank you for asking Ayse to give us very interesting information about Turkey - its location in the world, its history and many interesting facts about your country - she gave an excellent presentation and was fun to work with!
Sule did a great job handling the sweepstake and giving many people the chance to choose a name out of the bag to win a special Turkish souvenir gift. Thank you to those who bought and wrapped the gifts and gave them to the winners. It was an exciting idea to include in the day!
I am very happy we are friends and that you come often to our coffees! You are a wonderful person and I am very happy to know you! Thank you for your friendship! You have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and have fun! You are very creative and artistic! I love your marble paintings!
Look forward to seeing you soon again!
With great thanks to you and with love,